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Coworkingspace in Stockholm
Coworkingspace in Stockholm

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Swedish Coworking Market Outlook

Stockholm, one of Europe's largest coworking markets, is growing exponentially.

In Stockholm, the Coworking market has seen exponential growth in the last 10 years. Even though some actors were early adopters within the sector, Coworking in Stockholm has yet to see it’s full potential. Today the coworking market accounts for nearly 3,5% of the entire office market in Stockholm, distributed over close to 200 locations and 97 different operators.

Stockholm office brokering platform yta.se has for the first time mapped out the coworking market and outlined what’s to come in the near future. The data comes in part from yta.se’s proprietary database of over 3500 coworking rooms in Stockholm, and in part from an industry survey where over 50% of Stockholms coworking supply responded.

A new office market is brewing in Stockholm. Findings include that there’s a race going on between the actors to take up more space within the city centre. The market is expected to account for over 10% of the office market revenue by 2025, the equivalent of close to 500MEUR.
This growth is fueled by aggressive adoption across a growing segment of customer sizes, reaching above 25% per year before the pandemic. The operators tell us that they in aggregate will double their amount of locations by 2026 and the optimism within the industry has never been higher. - Viktor Söderström, CEO, yta.se 

What will further drive up this sector's economy is prices rising as soon as 2022. Even though we saw quite few new openings in Stockholm during 2021 we identified deep discounts in the market, and a rise in occupancy rate from 61% to 66% during the first half year of 2021. 88% of operators believe in increased pricing during 2022.

What does this entice for the Stockholm office market?
We’ve outlined the actors on the market, the prices, what the vacancy rates looks like, the economy behind the growing segment and much more in our market report.

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yta.se is Swedens largest coworking broker. By combining expert knowledge and tech we have digitalized and effectivized the journey for companies finding new office space.


Viktor Söderström

Viktor Söderström

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Lisa Björklund

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